Zsolt Sasdi – underwater cameraman

I was born in Szombathely in March 1976 as the youngest son of a simple but all the more loving family. My father taught me to swim when I was very young, but in spite of the fact that I already felt completely safe in the water at that time, my interest in underwater life only extended as far as fishing and keenly awaited new editions of a TV nature program called Delta. I was a 15 year old teenager when I first saw the sea during an outing to Italy. This story would be a beautiful one, if I could say here that there was love at first sight between the sea and the boy from Szombathely.

However, since what I am trying to write now should be a real biography, I must confess that there were no blue waves and no colourful fish shoals at all. Around that particular area the sea looked more like Shrek’s swamp than anything else.

It wasn’t until the long awaited big encounter during a weekend in Croatia in 2003 that I finally fell into eternal love with the underwater world. For four days, from dawn to dusk, I did nothing else but lie on the water and gaze at the fish through some goggles. I only found out later that what I was doing was actually snorkelling, and that even in Hungary it was possible to complete a diving course. I knew then that I wanted to be a diver, and since then I have been devoting every free moment I have to this sport. I am a qualified NAUI instructor now.

Just like diving, film-making was completely unfamiliar territory for me at first. However, I quickly decided that I would not be satisfied if it was only me who saw the wonders of the undersea world. I want to share with the whole word what we experience down in the depths. After some nights spent at home looking at photos with the family, this approach seemed inadequate and I soon exchanged my camera for a camcorder. It quickly became clear that working with motion pictures is more my scene. At first I simply filmed everything that moved, but later I started to be able to find and develop a theme, and capture it properly as a moving image. My first camcorder was followed by a better one, later by a much better one, and then by the best. Of course, film-making is much rather a profession than a hobby, and I have always wanted to get as much training as possible so that I can make better and better films. In 2008 I graduated to HD filming and obtained a Sony PMW-EX3 XDcam, which is currently one of the highest quality professional video cameras that can be taken underwater. Since then I have made recordings and films for several TV channels and I have filmed above and below water in more than 40 countries. I have shot scenes and actions in oceans, seas, caves and wrecks, and have received prizes in many international film festivals as a fruit of my work. I hope many more follow these, as diving and my camera have grown together.

Zsolt Sasdi website

Have you seen it yet?

Our latest promotional film has been completed, courtesy of Zsolt Sasdi. It has only been circulating on the Net for a short while but thanks to Facebook events, appearing on the home page and all of you sharing it with others, it has been seen and commented on by many. We like it a lot! What do you think?

What a diver can only dream of

The first guests arrived on Sunday from Andromeda in Sudan. The trip’s departure was up in the air for a while because of the disturbances in Cairo but a week before the start of the trip most countries resumed their commercial flights to Egypt and later the charter flights as well. Kata Loranth wrote about the trip and the diving safari:

We arrived from the Sudan safari with unforgettable memories! Already on the first day a huge manta swam right towards us then Shaab Rumi awaited us with hammerhead and grey reef sharks and jolly dolphin gangs. All that a diver can dream of was there, right before us.

It seems the Red Sea showed its appreciation for us having made the trip despite all the scary stories. Andromeda is the nicest and most comfortable boat, it is a fact. It is enough just to look around in the harbour and there is no more doubt about this. Mustafa, the cook, is a gem and the crew is very helpful and friendly. It was good to have more zodiacs, so we did not have to wait for one another at the dives.

We could not help it, we had to see the pyramids in Cairo the umpteenth time and we even took a ride around Tahrir square. The good old city is back to as it used to be!

Our Egypt Air flight left and arrived right on time and nobody had any problems with their luggage either. It was an adventurous and lovely week. It would have been a great pity to miss it. For sure I will return.

Kata Loranth

March 8, 2011

Jari Hovikorpi

Name Jari Hovikorpi, born 1970 in Finland. Have been diving since -86. Regularly like to do different diving disciplines.

Like scuba-, technical-, freediving, spear fishing, underwater- rugby and -photography. Biggest stone so far I have reached with underwater rugby.

Which World Champion I am with national team of Finland from year 2007 in Bari Italy. I started my underwater photography career on 2005 with Nikon DSLR´s and Ikelite. I am still amateur with this hobby.

Luckily I won 2010 Finnish underwater photography competition title. In underwater photography I like challenges to adapt in different water conditions. From pool and tropic to cold and muddy waters that can be found here at home – below Gulf of Finland. I regularly update my Underwater Gallery with short stories.

Look out http://uwg.fi

Jari photos:

Jari Hovikorpi
Jari Hovikorpi Jari Hovikorpi Jari Hovikorpi Jari Hovikorpi Jari Hovikorpi

Record all your underwater adventures in one place!

Make a record of your underwater adventures for a long time to come! Our uniquely designed log book is now available to purchase onboard Cassiopeia and Andromeda as well as in our office.

The log book is essential for every diver as it lists your diving experiences including your number of dives, information that is requested in diving centres and onboard diving vessels before starting your dives.

Furthermore it can prove to be useful in cases of insurance matters because if you record the details of your dives accurately, you can provide information on who your buddy was and that you had adhered to all diving regulations.

And of course, every log book provides for wonderful memories as with every dive you gain more experience! There is lots of space to record all your diving adventures! Surely, this simple little tool will just add to your memories in the future!

Digital Underwater Photography Workshop

The first Digital Underwater Photography Workshop onboard Cassiopeia with Daniel Selmeczi.

Date: 14 – 21 July 2010.
Onboard: Cassiopeia
Route: From Hurghada to Hurghada (wrecks and Safaga)

To learn more about the digital underwater diving safari at: http://cassiopeiasafari.com/digital-underwater-photography-workshop-2/


Spend the whole year with us!

2010 RSB calendarWould you like to jazz up your office or your home?

Would you like to surprise someone for their birthday or just because you have been thinking of them?

Would you like to look at beautiful underwater pictures all year round even if you cannot be there?

Download now the New Year’s present of Red Sea Boats, a free printable 2010 calendar with the most beautiful photos of Daniel Selmeczi.

Click on the image on the right and our calendar can be yours, all you need is a printer.

The Cassiopeiasafari Team

Tibor Fazekas

Fazekas TiborHe took his first breath underwater in 1991. In 1996 he turned his passion into a way of living and became a diving professional. He worked in Turkey, Croatia, Bali, the Red Sea and Austria, among others.

His new love underwater, beside technical diving, is underwater video, though he is still a newbie.

He made his first attempts with different cameras and housings, from homemade to Nimar.

Now, for practical reasons, he chooses a small one-hand setup, Sanyo HD2000 in a Patima Housing. It is not the most professional but it is enough for the usual stuff.

Tibor Fazekas website and Facebook page

St. Johns Safari 2009 may – underwater