Highly excellent organization

Got this report from our Russian partner tour organizer:

…I sincerely thank you for organizing the trip. Also extend thanks to each of our visitors to you and all who in any degree in organizing the tour.

I have collected feedback from the tourists and now we give them and their opinion about a trip to you:


The highly excellent organization!

- “The Cairo package”

- Meet and transfer

- Boat: service, conditions of accommodation, cabins, cleanliness and convenience.

- Comprehensive help from a team on the boat, and attention.

- Job Captain: all transitions quickly and quietly for tourists, always a comfortable place boat in relation to the dive sites.

- Very tasty and varied diet

- Diving: excellent job guides (briefing note to the group under water), the work of the zodiac

- Individually would like to mention your job, Anita!


Definitely would recommend your company to conduct safaris in the Sudan as an example of organizing diving trips.

Once again, thank you for the excellent Safari!“