Diving Holidays in Autumn

Soon it will be September and you have not taken your vacation yet? Would you rather escape from the coming fall and the cold? It is not too late! Book now one of the last available places on our tours starting on the following dates!

Have we mentioned that Longimanus have been seen again in August at Elphinstone? It has been a tradition for years that around August and September the Oceanic Whitetip sharks (Longimanus) appear at Elphinstone for some unknown reason. For the past few weeks 5 beautiful specimens have been staying near the reef and posing for the joy of divers.

Here are the diving safari dates in Egypt for the months of September, October and November:

Sep. 4 – 11. 2011 — M/Y Cassiopeia — Brothers tour
Sep. 18 – 25, 2011 — M/Y Cassiopeia — St Johns tour
Sep. 28 – Oct. 5, 2011 — M/Y Andromeda — North and Tiran tour
Oct. 27 – Nov. 3, 2011 — M/Y Andromeda — St Johns tour
Nov. 9 – 16, 2011 — M/Y Andromeda — North and Tiran tour
Nov. 16 – 23, 2011 — M/Y Andromeda — Daedalus and Elphinstone tour

Would you like to come? Get in touch with us via the contact us page!

Best Summer Deals in Egypt

Let us pamper you this Summer! We offer some super value deals and varied routes in Egypt. We have selected for You some dates to choose from.

Get wet…sleep, eat, dive…and RELAX! Now offering at an unbeatable price!

Our Best Summer Deals for you in Egypt:

1. 22 – 29 May, 2011
M/Y Cassiopeia
Route: St. John’s and Abu Fendera

2. 5 – 12 June, 2011
M/Y Cassiopeia
Route: North Diving Safari

3. 10 – 17 August, 2011
M/Y Andromeda
Route: St. John’s and Abu Fendera

4. 28 September – 05 October, 2011
M/Y Andromeda
Route: Brother’s Island

We hope to see you there! For any further details or with your booking requests, please contact us. Thank you very much.

That it is for know… join your dives!

Until next time happy bubbles és safe travels!

April Liveaboard offers in Egypt

GET some amazing savings on Cassiopeia! We have a couple of last-minute offers for you at great prices! Choose a 7 day itinerary on the selected dates and save money! Book your places!

  • 17 April – 24 April, 2011 — onboard Cassiopeia — Brother’s Safari Trip
  • 24 April – 01 May, 2011 — onboard Cassiopeia — St. John’s Safari Trip
  • 08 May – 15 May, 2011 — onboard Cassiopeia — North Safari Trip

Don’t forget! Book NOW at online@cassiopeiasafari.com, as places fill fast!

New Year’s Eve Lottery

Win a free diving safari for 2 people (plus their companions) from 26 December, 2010 until 02 January, 2011!!!

How to enter the game?

Upload any diving related Xmas Card or Photo into our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari Group and win a free stay onboard Andromeda from 26th December, 2010 until 02nd January, 2011 (including transfers between Hurghada airport and boat, 7 nights fullboard accomodation onboard, New Year’s Eve dinner, diving, taxes and sisha/waterpipe onboard).

The winner can be anyone who uploads any diving related Xmas Card or Photo. You can upload more than one, but it will count as one participant in the game.

The winner will be notified by e-mail until 19th of December.
The deadline for submitting your photos is 19th of December 2010 20:00 pm

· The prize is not transferable to a person other than the bidder and it cannot be exchanged for money.
· Guests already registered and booked for the same safari are not eligible to enter the game.
· Additional expenses apply: Egyptian visa (USD15 / person); Ras Mohamed Marine Park fee (EUR10 / person); alcoholic beverages, Nitrox, equipment rental, Satellite phone use, T-shirt purchases onboard and other expenses not included in the price.

Last available spaces in Sudan

We are returning to Sudan starting in February, 2011 until the end of June, 2011! Most of our weeks are already fully booked but you still have a chance to book with us this season.

Just for the sake of information, diving in Sudan is best in the spring. This is when the marine life is the liveliest and the most amazing during the year.

Last available spaces in 2011:
12/02/2011 – 19/02/2011 North Safari/Sudan
19/02/2011 – 26/02/2011 Small North Diving Safari/Sudan
26/02/2011 – 05/03/2011 North Safari/Sudan
05/03/2011 – 12/03/2011 North Safari/Sudan

What we offer: M/Y Andromeda – Safety and luxury in one place! Diver search and locate system is available onboard!

We look forward to seeing you and your friend’s again onboard for another amazing season in Sudan and we hope to see some new faces as well for an unforgettable experience.

We hope to see you there! For any further details or with your booking requests, please contact us. Thank you very much!

That’s is for know… join your dives!

Diving Safari in the Red Sea

A week at sea, gently rocking with the boat, sailing among small islands. Skyblue sea as far as the eye can see, sunrays caress your skin, you read a book, listen to your iPod, lay back comfortably in your sunchair and relax until your next dive. Your thoughts are still around the fish from your previous dive but you already look forward to the next one.

A week of worryfree holiday when your shisha is prepared for you by the crew every evening after the delicious dinner and while you take puffs from the apple flavoured tobacco, your only thought is you wish this week would never end! To READ MORE about diving safari in the red sea click here…