PicBadges Game on Facebook

Our PicBadges is ready and available now on our Facebook site. This is our little badge that can be easily applied as anyone’s Facebook profile picture. What is it exactly and what is it good for? In the beginning of September we are launching our next Facebook game which will be related to this badge, of course!

What do you have to do?
Put our badge as your profile picture with the help of our PicBadges application (just follow the PicBadges steps) and leave it there until the end of September. Those who display our badge as their profile picture during this period, will be able to enter our sweepstakes and the chance to win some presents on September 30, 2011.

To make this easier for you, here is some help:
1. Enter our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cassiopeiasafari
2. Click on the link with the claret arrow on our Wall.

3. In the new window on the left click on the yellow “Add to profile picture” icon.
4. Select Facebook.
5. Allow access to your Facebook profile.

6. Set the picture in the next window, publish it on Facebook and choose this picture as your profile picture.
7. And you are all set! :)

You do not have to tell us you have done this as we are going to see it but if you feel like sharing, go ahead and write to us on our Facebook site!

Time period of the game: September 1 – 30, 2011

Everyone is welcome to take part in the game who is a friend of the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page!!! If you have any questions about this little procedure, we will help! If you are stuck, report it here or on Facebook.

PS: Your old picture is among the profile pictures, so you can change it back any time.

Play and Win – Announcing the results

There was an amazing race for “likes” on our Facebook group page this past week. The prize was an Egyptian diving safari for 2. A tremendous number of “likes” were given to the pictures as we were witnesses to a serious head-to-head race. Only a few hours before the end of the race, it still seemed like the dice may turn…

Let’s start with the most important – the esteemed winner of our game is Stepan Shulga, collecting a total of 654 “likes”. Once again congratulations to Stepan and his substantial voting group of friends :-) . We wish you a great safari filled with lots of things to see! We have already contacted the winner and he can be on his way with a friend to their well-deserved prize of Egyptian safari!

The Winner:

Just to recap:

We called on all our diver and non-diver members between June 8 and 14 to upload pictures onto our Facebook group site with the writing “Andromeda safari” displayed, preferably in the most creative ways. After that things got simple as all was to be done was to collect enough “Likes” to reward the owner of the most enduring and lasting picture with the most “Likes” with an Egyptian safari for 2.

We can say with certainty that our game has reached its purpose – we were able to make a player happy and at the same time we were able to liven up our Facebook community in a usual but effective way. We thank for this all the ones who had posted the pictures and all those who had voted! Of course we are curious to hear about your experiences, suggestions and what you thought of the game.

Did you like it?

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Facebook Live Auction!

It is auction time! Bid for your place onboard M/Y Cassiopeia departing September 8, 2010 to the Brother Islands! The highest bidders win!

About the auction:
· You may make your bid for 2 people on the Cassiopeia page of Facebook.
· Simply add your bid to the page.
· Always check the previous highest bid which you can continuously follow on the page.
· Bid only if you can participate in the safari!

What you are bidding on:
· A one-week diving safari at the price you want to go.
· Safari date: September 8 – 15, 2010
· Safari itinerary: Brother Islands
· Vessel: the 5-star luxury liveaboard M/Y Cassiopeia
· The price includes: 7 nights full-board accommodations onboard, transfers between Hurghada airport and the boat, diving, 12l tanks and weights, taxes and shisha/water pipe onboard.

Details of the auction:
· Last bid: August 26, 2010, 20:00 ET
· Starting bid: EUR300 / person (maximum 2 people)
· Minimum bid increment: EUR10 / person
· Auction date: August 12 – 26, 2010
· The winner will be notified by e-mail.

· The prize is not transferable to a person other than the bidder and it cannot be exchanged for money.
· Guests already registered and booked for the same safari are not eligible to enter the auction.
· Additional expenses apply: Egyptian visa (USD15 / person); Brothers Marine Park fee (EUR40 / person); alcoholic beverages, Nitrox, equipment rental, Satellite phone use, T-shirt purchases onboard and other expenses not included in the price.

We have chosen the winners!

Our contest posted on the pages of Red Sea Boats Group and Cassiopeiasafari – with the main prize of a place on our August 4, 2010 diving safari – concluded tonight at 20:00.

There were 37 photos sent to us in total that met the contest rules.

Thank you for your photos, your interest and your participation in our contest!

Due to the big demand and the number of interested contestants, we have decided to draw 2 winners tonight who can take part in the safari and may also bring 1 guest each with them!

The draw was performed using the Google Docs Spreadsheet random function. In the event the winners are unable to attend the safari for any reason, we are going to draw a new winner!

Our lucky winners are:

- Kata Tüske
- Robbert Vrouwe

The winners will be notified via a Facebook message. In the event they will not be able to join the safari, the new winners’ names will be published on Facebook as well!

Win a Free Diving Safari!

Win a Free Diving Safari for 2 people from 04th until 11th August, 2010!

How to enter the game?

Upload your picture about M/Y Cassiopeia or M/Y Andromeda into our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari Group and win a free stay onboard Cassiopeia from 04th until 11th August, 2010 (including transfers between Hurghada airport and boat, 7 nights fullboard accomodation onboard, diving, taxes and sisha/waterpipe onboard). The winner can be anyone who uploads a picture of either of the 2 boats. You can upload more than one picture, but it will count as one participant in the game.

The winner will be notified by e-mail until 31st of July.
The deadline for submitting  your photos is 31st of July 2010 20:00 pm

- The price is not transferable to another person and can not be exchanged for money.
- Who is already registered and booked for the same safari is not eligible to enter the game.