The time has come in our company’s life when we can celebrate a milestone! A lot has changed since the beginnings… Red Sea Boats Holidays started its journey down a path in the first years of the 2000s as the vision of a young and relentless small team, that we believe it is still journeying on.

It all started in 2003 with an Egyptian diving tour… Read more about Red Sea Boats Holidays...


The Red Sea in summer

I am surrounded by sparkling sky-blue sea, softly caressing breeze, infinite tranquility and serene silence as I am sitting in front of the captain’s bridge. Meanwhile the large boat glides from one coral reef to another and I can hardly wait to dive! Until now I have been travelling to the Red Sea for safaris only in the spring and late fall when you could already use a sweater between dives and sometimes a hat too to warm your ears. But to enjoy the richest spectacle, I used to prefer these two periods. Read more…


To sunbathe or not to sunbathe?

Our body and soul both crave sunshine, enriching us with life and helping us protect our health. In summertime we are all drawn to beaches, outdoor programs and distant hot destinations like magnets.

In Egypt we must be aware of the scorching sun throughout the year, on the beaches and during diving safaris.

In order to enjoy the sun’s benefits with no worries, it is recommended to take the following advice:

1. Introduce your skin to the sun gradually.

2. Load up on beta carotene, eat lots of carrots and spinach.

3. Slather yourself with tanning lotion at least 30 minutes before going in the sun. This will be enough time for the lotion to be absorbed into your skin and it will not come off that easily in the water. However it is a good idea to apply the lotion again after you have been in the water. Use tanning lotion with minimum SPF 20.

4. Do not wear parfumes or other cosmetics as they may cause skin problems if combined with the effects of the sun.

5. Avoid being in the sun between 11 o’clock in the morning and 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Do not stay in the sun without any head protection for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.

6. And finally, drink plenty of water to replenish the fluids you may have lost.

It is a strange paradox that while our skin needs the sun, the rays can also be very dangerous.

But if you follow the advice above, you should not be worried. Be smart in the sun and you will be fine.

Photos: Red Sea Boats Holidays

PS: Have a dermatologist check your skin every year for any changes!


We are having some special offers for you on our July and August diving safaris in Egypt. Please find below the dates:

1) July 15-22, 2012 — Andromeda — South tour — PRICE DROP!!!
2) August 12 – 19 — Andromeda — South tour — PRICE DROP!!!
3) August 19 – 26 — Cassiopeia — North tour — PRICE DROP!!!

For details and rates of the safari tours contact us by e-mail! We look forward to your bookings and any questions you may have.

My favourite dive sites

My favourite dive sites where I would travel again

I have travelled to many places and dived in various seas and oceans of the world in the past ten years. I got to thinking during the last minutes of a fantastic dive on my latest trip about the most memorable dives and most lasting experiences of my life.

The sites and countries began to run through my head: Costa Rica, Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa and lots of other unique and fascinating locations. I am frequently asked during conversations where it is best to dive or what the best dive site are but I have never been able to fully answer these questions as each place is different.

In general, every minute spent under water amazes and fascinates me. I am taken aback by the silence and beauty of the sea. Every dive is made up of the spectacle of various marine life and undescribable shapes and colours, you just have to watch and wait and the sea will show itself. I could mention any visibility or a sandy, muddy slope seemingly devoid of life where after a few minutes of careful observation, millions of eyes would stare from the sand at the trained eye and suddenly, the dive site often described as dull, would come to life.

I always think of the divers who constantly want to dive at new places. They just keep swimming as if wanting to overcome a great distance, only to complain at the end of the dive of not having seen anything when in actuality, they could have been witnesses to a biodiversity not found anywhere on land. Sometimes I also just swim around and watch and only in the last minutes of the dive would a wonder present itself to me that I have never seen and this is what makes every dive exciting.

So, based on this, I cannot really make any order of preference since any of the sites could be the best or the most interesting. I would rather it is a kind of a log book of the most memorable moments in the past ten years:

The best dive sites ever:

Costa Rica, Cocos: Alcyon

Malaysia, Sipadan: Barracuda point

French Polynesia, Fakarava: South pass

Sudan, Shaab Rumi: South plateau

Indonesia, Raja Ampat: Manta point

Bahamas: Tiger beach

Egypt: Elphinstone

Photographed and written by Daniel Selmeczi

The Brother Islands

Location: middle of the Red Sea
Description: reef/steep vertical walls
Depth: 25-40m

The Brother Islands are two small islands in the middle of the Red Sea. The Big Brother can be easily identified by its lighthouse that was built by the British in 1880. A big military ship wreck, the Aida II, rests on the Northern side of the island. She sank in 1957. The western side of the island provides home to large schools of barracudas, surgeonfish, mackerels, snapper fish and of course sharks, sometimes even tiger sharks. An abundance of colourful soft corals and gorgonian fans and the rich diversity of marine life and large pelagics make the dives at Brothers Islands an unforgettable experience.

Big Brother Island - Egypt

The Small Brother has a nearly round shape, lake a rain drop, falling from the north west to south east. It’s walls, packed with soft and hard corals and gorgonias show a vibrant marine life and are famous for their shark population. The northern plateau is one of the best places in the Red Sea for diving with sharks. Silvertips and grey reef sharks frequent the area and great hammerheads sometimes rise from the deep for a quick inspection before descending into the deep blue once again.

Small Brother Island - Egypt

To dive at the Brothers, and other Egyptian marine parks, you need to have: logged at least 50 dives, have valid insurance, have a surface marker buoy and a torch.

Time to go Diving!

You must also be waiting for the spring to come when the dull grey is replaced by vibrant colours and the icy days turn sunny and warm. That is why we have snuck in some early spring offers in the Red Sea among our present offers along with a few summer tasters. Dive at discounted prices in the following weeks or get your summer diving organised this week!


If you are looking to increase your adrenaline and to experience something great, there is no other choice but Sudan!

But actions speak louder than words.

Last-minute weeks onboard M/Y Andromeda:

March 3 – 10, 2012 — North safari
March 10 – 17, 2012 — North safari
March 17 – 24, 2012 — North safari
March 24 – 31, 2012 — North safari

Popular weeks in Sudan:

March 31 – April 7, 2012 — South safari
April 7 – 14, 2012 — North safari

Our special offer: 2-week adventure in Sudan:

April 14 – 28, 2012 — North and South safari


Sunshine and heat! Diving safari dates in Egypt all year round onboard M/Y Cassiopeia and from July onboard M/Y Andromeda!

Last-minute week onboard Cassiopeia:

March 11 – 18, 2012 — North and Tiran safari with Ras Mohamed National Park

Go on a safari with us in April:

April 8 – 15, 2012 — St Johns and Abu Fandira safari

Would you like to get to know us in person? Then join us for this safari! We will surely be there :-)

Popular week in Egypt:

April 22 – 29, 2012 — 5* island diving (Brothers and Daedalus and Elphinstone) safari onboard M/Y Cassiopeia with a few available places!

Spaces are limited, so call today to grab your dive trip!

Cassiopeiasafari Team

2012 Super Saver!

Some of you asked us to post special offers for 2012. Well, your wish is our command!

1) Our SUPER SPECIAL offer for the week of 25.02.2012 in SUDAN

Book your places now for our February 25 – March 3, 2012 Sudan-North tour and we offer you a 15% discount from our regular boat rate.

2) The ULTIMATE 2 WEEKS in Sudan: Book your places now for our 14 – 28 April, 2012 Sudan North + South tour!

We provide all-encompassing services onboard and off. We take care of the Sudanese visas for the guests and provide assistance and arrangements in Cairo as well.

And if there is anything else we can help you with our you wish to make a booking, please contact us!

Upload a Christmas card and WIN!

Upload a Christmas card onto our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari message wall and win!

We all agree that Christmas is about giving. That is why we are also getting ready to surprise someone with a diving safari! Upload a Christmas card that you have created onto our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari message wall. On the card somewhere you should display the sign “Cassiopeia Safari”! The person who shares the card that gets the most “likes” wins an Egyptian diving safari!

To demonstrate what we are thinking of :-)

What do you have to do?

Create a card with a Christmas and diving/sea theme. Hide somewhere the sign “Cassiopeia Safari” and upload in onto the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page! The creator of the card with the most “likes” can start packing and get ready for the prize safari!

The course of the game:

We would like to see the sign “Cassiopeia Safari” dressed up in Christmas clothes! Following this post, you have 7 days to upload your cards onto the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page and there is additional day available for voting. The creator of the card with the most “likes” will receive an Egyptian diving safari for 1 person onboard M/Y Cassiopeia on a designated date by us. The safari contains 7 nights full-board accommodations onboard in double cabins, transfers between Hurghada Airport and the boat, diving, taxes and shisha (waterpipe) onboard.

Rules of the game:
- only registered members can send cards, so first “like” our page then upload your card
- the sign “Cassiopeia Safari” must be visible and readable
- one registered member can upload only 1 card
- there are no restrictions on the techniques used to create the card

Submissions and deadlines:
Upload the card onto the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page following this post until December 14, 2012 22:00.

Voting and deadlines:
“Likes” may be registered for 7 days following this post, until December 15, 2012 14:00.

Announcement of the winner:
On December 15, 2012 at 14:00.
The winner will be notified by e-mail.

The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Get away to Egypt for some winter sun and some of the best scuba diving to be found in the World.

The luxurious M/Y Cassiopeia Liveaboard is offering the following spectacular last minute offer for the following cruise date. Some places are still available on this incredibly – priced, low season scuba diving safari.

Available: 26 November to 03 December 2011 South Trip, 10 places for sale!


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