Scheduled dry dock for Cassiopeia IV.

Our first Egyptian safari this year commenced yesterday onboard Cassiopeia. The boat was again at the service of divers after a complete exterior paint work and interior refurbishing. Now, following the renovations, at first glance Cassiopeia and Andromeda may seem identical but at closer look, the differences are noticeable.

Scheduled dry dock for Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia’s interior walls of the cabins and the restaurant were completely refinished and all curtains were replaced during the month-and-a-half long dock work. As was the sitting furniture on the covered deck in front of the salon. The exterior lights were replaced and for increased safety, handrails were installed along the staircases.

And for popular demand, we have installed a table for the camera equipmnet as well. As you can see from the photos, the boat looks almost more beautiful than when she first was.

Scheduled dry dock for Cassiopeia III.

After a long safari season, Cassiopeia arrived in the dry dock at the beginning of December, and into experienced and professional hands to make the entire boat more beautiful as before. You may read about the dock work in our previous article. We are happy to announce that she is back in Hurghada now with all her new permits. To READ MORE scheduled dry dock for boat Cassiopeia click here…

Scheduled dry dock


The last couple of hours of Diving City

alias: Scheduled dry dock for Cassiopeia II

For unknown reasons, in the noon hours last Sunday, the Diving City safari boat caught fire in the Safaga dock and two hours later, was completely destroyed. The boat was right behind Cassiopeia, awaiting works to be done on her. The sometimes strong winds from the North-Northwest managed to blow some of the flames onto Cassiopeia as well, burning off the paint in some areas of the boat.

Dry dock

The fact that Cassiopeia did not suffer any more serious damage can be attributed to the twenty people who were working together to save the boat by emptying all the fire extinguishers and by using an old hose to pump some water that was found nearby onto the fire. Cassiopeia did not have any water onboard as it all had to be drained the day before when she was being lifted out of the water and she fell back due to being too heavy for the operation. It was very close that Cassiopeia could have also been eaten up by the fire.

Following the Sunday scare, the renovation continued on Monday. The new steel sheet were installed along with the stabiliser wings onto the bottom of the hull and all the paint was sanded off to prepare for the new coat of paint. On the main deck the walls of the diningroom are bare, waiting to receive the new covering.

Cassiopeia painting

To be continued…

Scheduled dry dock for Cassiopeia

After a well-done job, everyone deserves some rest. For some, it may be a long bath or a massage to rejuvenate, while others will do with just a new make-up or with a little relaxation. After a long season, at the beginning of December, Cassiopiea was lifted out of the water and into the dry dock, into professional hands to beautify and to renew her in the coming weeks.

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