Sudan scuba diving Liveaboard

We are preparing our next season in SUDAN FOR 2014. We are planning 18 scuba diving weeks. Our Sudan itineraries have been expanded with the one-of-a-kind true adventure 1-week and 2-week DEEP SOUTH TOUR and the exciting ULTIMATE SUDAN TOUR with the combination of North and South dive sites. And we still offer the traditional NORTH AND SOUTH TOURS from which to choose on our Liveaboards M/Y Andromeda and M/Y Cassiopeia.

Sudan scuba Liveaboard

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The time has come in our company’s life when we can celebrate a milestone! A lot has changed since the beginnings… Red Sea Boats Holidays started its journey down a path in the first years of the 2000s as the vision of a young and relentless small team, that we believe it is still journeying on.

It all started in 2003 with an Egyptian diving tour… Read more about Red Sea Boats Holidays...


Upload a Christmas card and WIN!

Upload a Christmas card onto our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari message wall and win!

We all agree that Christmas is about giving. That is why we are also getting ready to surprise someone with a diving safari! Upload a Christmas card that you have created onto our Facebook Cassiopeiasafari message wall. On the card somewhere you should display the sign “Cassiopeia Safari”! The person who shares the card that gets the most “likes” wins an Egyptian diving safari!

To demonstrate what we are thinking of :-)

What do you have to do?

Create a card with a Christmas and diving/sea theme. Hide somewhere the sign “Cassiopeia Safari” and upload in onto the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page! The creator of the card with the most “likes” can start packing and get ready for the prize safari!

The course of the game:

We would like to see the sign “Cassiopeia Safari” dressed up in Christmas clothes! Following this post, you have 7 days to upload your cards onto the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page and there is additional day available for voting. The creator of the card with the most “likes” will receive an Egyptian diving safari for 1 person onboard M/Y Cassiopeia on a designated date by us. The safari contains 7 nights full-board accommodations onboard in double cabins, transfers between Hurghada Airport and the boat, diving, taxes and shisha (waterpipe) onboard.

Rules of the game:
- only registered members can send cards, so first “like” our page then upload your card
- the sign “Cassiopeia Safari” must be visible and readable
- one registered member can upload only 1 card
- there are no restrictions on the techniques used to create the card

Submissions and deadlines:
Upload the card onto the Cassiopeiasafari Facebook page following this post until December 14, 2012 22:00.

Voting and deadlines:
“Likes” may be registered for 7 days following this post, until December 15, 2012 14:00.

Announcement of the winner:
On December 15, 2012 at 14:00.
The winner will be notified by e-mail.

The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Free Wi-Fi on our Boats!

From now on free WIFI Internet connection is available in Egypt to divers on both of our boats – M/Y Cassiopeia and M/Y Andromeda.

Internet connection has become a necessity these days, whether for work or entertainment or to be available for us during our holidays. In order to satisfy these demands, we have equipped both boats with WIFI internet connection. We are happy we were able to synchronise the technical advances of our age and the demand of guests for Internet connection in a way as not to present any additional expenses to the divers during the safaris.

Thanks to this improvement, divers onboard M/Y Cassiopeia and M/Y Andromeda can surf the Net free of charge on their notebooks or other devices with WLAN connection, starting in the summer of 2011. Today almost all portable computers and most smart phones are WIFI-enabled.

Free Internet connection gives divers the chance to follow their e-mails during their safari, to keep in touch with family and friends and to share their photos taken on the trips on their community pages before arriving home.

Of course, this is not mandatory :-) , so those of you who wish to keep your holiday restful and free of any interruptions, you may leave your devices turned off.

Have you seen it yet?

Our latest promotional film has been completed, courtesy of Zsolt Sasdi. It has only been circulating on the Net for a short while but thanks to Facebook events, appearing on the home page and all of you sharing it with others, it has been seen and commented on by many. We like it a lot! What do you think?

Amazing Summer Offers!

In three weeks, after 15 weeks of Sudan diving safaris, M/Y Andromeda will be returning to Egypt, first for a 3-week technical break and preparation work and then to continue working there starting from July.

This means that from the first week of July, both boats, M/Y Cassiopeia and M/Y Andromeda, will be sailing the Egyptian waters together again until the end of the year. We have gathered the available weeks and places in Egypt for which we are accepting booking requests from tour organisers and individual divers as well.

Here are our latest diving safari offers for the summer months:

June 5 – 12, 2011 — M/Y Cassiopeia — North tour
June 12 – 19, 2011 — M/Y Cassiopeia — North / Tiran tour
July 6 – 13, 2011 — M/Y Andromeda — St. Johns tour
July 10 – 17, 2011 — M/Y Cassiopeia — North tour
July 13 – 20, 2011 — M/Y Andromeda — South tour
August 7 – 14, 2011 — M/Y Cassiopeia — St. Johns / Abu Fendera tour

To book or to request further information, contact us or click here.

Dive Egypt!

Last spaces, best period, best price! Cassiopeia goes to North!
One of the most popular liveaboard diving itinerary in the Red Sea is again part of our diving program in March. Places are available right now to book onboard M/Y Cassiopeia! Amazingly beautiful wrecks, reefs, turtles and dolphins have made these diving spots deservingly popular.

Date: March 12-19. 2011
Route: South + North Safari (Elphinstone/Salem Express/Abu Nuhas)
Boat: M/Y Cassiopeia – Safety and luxury in one place!

Don’t delay, book now!

The story of Cassiopeia

The end of this year is approaching and we all looked at each other thinking that it is time again. It is time again to send our boats to the dry dock for the necessary maintenance and renovation works and to pretty up the ladies for their next season.

So, of course all the old stories came to life again about the construction of the boats and so did the photos hiding on disks that forever will keep the memories of dreams coming true. The photos tell a story of boat construction, about the birth of these majestic ladies and about their colourful career, spiced with some challenges on the way. This time we would like to share with you some photos that bring back some nice and interesting memories.

Here is for example one of the interesting stories – the story of Cassiopeia’s birth. Naturally the whole process was documented as she was our first-born and we wanted to remember and to see every step of her coming to life. And of course, because she –as her sister, Andromeda- was born in the land of the Pharaohs.

But how did exactly Cassiopeia become this 5-star motor yacht that so many of you know and love already, sailing the Red Sea for nearly 5 years now? Well, these photos will tell the story…

1. The name…
Cassiopeia got her name after a small Palm PC. Then actually finding out that this installation is made up of 5 stars, we were especially happy since we wanted to build a five-star boat.

2. Cassiopeia from the front
We used several coatings on the wood before painting it. By coatings we mean several layers of putty under which lies the fiberglass coating because the front of the boat is often drenched by tall waves and it needed to be protected from the water. The small sun deck in the front was made comfortable with the cozy and soft mattresses and cushions. The ropes also found their home here in the front.

3. The Captain’ bridge from the front
The windows were installed, the teak wood was laid, the seats for the front sun deck were constructed from wood and then all of it was painted. This is a place for comfortable relaxation and to breathe in the salty sea air while the skin turns into a nice shade of golden brown by the end of the week.

4. The Captain’s bridge from the inside
The cabinets were designed, the carpet was cut to size and installed, the electronics and the wheel were installed and finally the navigation and safety equipment were also installed. The wheel and the other navigation and safety equipment on the bridge are directly connected to the engine room.

5. Upper sun deck
While the bridge was being constructed, the upper sun deck was also in a fury of hammering. Under the paint a fiberglass coating protects the wood of the deck from the constant humidity and sea water. The place for the radar and the GPS was also finished. When designing the unique wave-shaped seats and tables, we kept in kind the needs of sun lovers. There is a place for the lonely wolf and for those who enjoy having a good time in groups.

6. Dive deck
When designing the dive deck, we mainly focused on comfort, safety and for the placement of photography equipment as we must handle 26 divers’ dives 4 times a day. So, the benches were placed in an H shape for optimal space utilisation.

7. Diving platform
The main concern here was the size as it is important for example with drift dives how many divers can gear up and jump into the water at the same time. There are 2 types of ladders on the 2 ends of the platform. One for climbing out of the water with fins on and one for climbing out in booties.

We also chose Cassiopeia’s future colour as well. We decided it to be a claret colour like one of the Azimut’s super yachts that came out in 2006. The surfaces under water were painted with an algae repellent.

8. Hallways
No need to turn sideways when walking in the hallways on the boat. All traffic areas were covered with teak wood of course. The bollards were also put in their places and their weight capacity was tested when the boat was water-born.

9. Charging/storage station
The units have 220v charges for lights, cameras, batteries and mobile phones. There is also place for smaller items such as sunglasses, logbooks or other items.

10. Stairs
When designing the stairs leading to the lower-deck cabins, our main concern was safety. So the steps were designed to be wide enough and were covered with carpet.

11. Dining area
We decided not to follow the traditional safari boat dining room design and created a dining area with a real “restaurant” look with round and separate tables and chairs. Good food deserves the appropriate setting and the tables are also great for poker parties!

12. Double-bed cabins
We wanted to cater to couples travelling with us as well, so we designed 5 cabins with queen-size beds to fit their needs. There is plenty of space for packing and the cabins are equipped with private bathrooms including shower, sink and toilet.

13. Salon
Behind the substantial bar counter 6-8 guests can make their morning coffee at the same time, not to mention the late-night cocktail parties. The salon also provides ample place for lying back to watch DVDs, for holding briefings and for nice conversation.

14. The salon and the bar in their shining glory
This is a European style room with comfortable cushioned seats, pleasant air-conditioning and an LCD TV, video, Hi-Fi, CD and DVD players to make time more pleasant during the day and at night.

15. Arabian café – for the gourmands…
The style, design, waterpipes, coffee and tea specialties all provide the essential Egyptian mood and feeling in the room.

16. The heart of the boat
The unique mashrabeya (wooden motifs), carpets and furniture all bring to life the well-known Arabian cafes’ atmosphere. The mashrabeya was carved by hand by a local artisan. Glue was boiling in the middle of the room during construction which he used to glue the paper-thin designs together and finally he painted them with varnish.

17. Twin-bed cabins
These cabins, just like the double-bed cabins, have lots of storage space, private bathroom with shower, sink and toilet and ample room for moving around in the spacious cabins.

18. Lower-deck hallway and cabin furniture

19. Dining
The weekly menu is assembled by the chef every week and it includes a variety of salads, fish specialties, chicken, beef, side dishes, pizza and other delicious meals along with sweet treats for the ones with a sweet tooth. For breakfast eggs are prepared in every possible way, toast, Fench toast, sausages, cold cuts, jams, joghurt and fresh vegetables are served.

20. Shisha room – the final touches
The hand-woven camel-hair carpets found their place on the walls, the traditional Egyptian seats were also put in their places and all missing were the belly dancers.

21. The bows
The bows were made for the wave lovers. All is needed is to exchange agreeing glances with the Captain to navigate the boat towards bigger waves when travelling from reef to reef. The winch helps the crew to bring up the anchor into the bows.

Haven’t you been onboard Cassiopeia yet?
Would you like to try? Get in touch with your diving instructor or contact us directly!

Facebook Live Auction!

It is auction time! Bid for your place onboard M/Y Cassiopeia departing September 8, 2010 to the Brother Islands! The highest bidders win!

About the auction:
· You may make your bid for 2 people on the Cassiopeia page of Facebook.
· Simply add your bid to the page.
· Always check the previous highest bid which you can continuously follow on the page.
· Bid only if you can participate in the safari!

What you are bidding on:
· A one-week diving safari at the price you want to go.
· Safari date: September 8 – 15, 2010
· Safari itinerary: Brother Islands
· Vessel: the 5-star luxury liveaboard M/Y Cassiopeia
· The price includes: 7 nights full-board accommodations onboard, transfers between Hurghada airport and the boat, diving, 12l tanks and weights, taxes and shisha/water pipe onboard.

Details of the auction:
· Last bid: August 26, 2010, 20:00 ET
· Starting bid: EUR300 / person (maximum 2 people)
· Minimum bid increment: EUR10 / person
· Auction date: August 12 – 26, 2010
· The winner will be notified by e-mail.

· The prize is not transferable to a person other than the bidder and it cannot be exchanged for money.
· Guests already registered and booked for the same safari are not eligible to enter the auction.
· Additional expenses apply: Egyptian visa (USD15 / person); Brothers Marine Park fee (EUR40 / person); alcoholic beverages, Nitrox, equipment rental, Satellite phone use, T-shirt purchases onboard and other expenses not included in the price.

We have chosen the winners!

Our contest posted on the pages of Red Sea Boats Group and Cassiopeiasafari – with the main prize of a place on our August 4, 2010 diving safari – concluded tonight at 20:00.

There were 37 photos sent to us in total that met the contest rules.

Thank you for your photos, your interest and your participation in our contest!

Due to the big demand and the number of interested contestants, we have decided to draw 2 winners tonight who can take part in the safari and may also bring 1 guest each with them!

The draw was performed using the Google Docs Spreadsheet random function. In the event the winners are unable to attend the safari for any reason, we are going to draw a new winner!

Our lucky winners are:

- Kata Tüske
- Robbert Vrouwe

The winners will be notified via a Facebook message. In the event they will not be able to join the safari, the new winners’ names will be published on Facebook as well!