Sudan scuba diving Liveaboard

We are preparing our next season in SUDAN FOR 2014. We are planning 18 scuba diving weeks. Our Sudan itineraries have been expanded with the one-of-a-kind true adventure 1-week and 2-week DEEP SOUTH TOUR and the exciting ULTIMATE SUDAN TOUR with the combination of North and South dive sites. And we still offer the traditional NORTH AND SOUTH TOURS from which to choose on our Liveaboards M/Y Andromeda and M/Y Cassiopeia.

Sudan scuba Liveaboard

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South Sudan – Black-Belt Diver Paradise!

Just like Christopher Columbus, we have also taken to seeing the world and our destination was the deep southern region of the Red Sea. We had heard lots of tales about this place and we wanted to see for ourselves if the amazing stories of the untouched water world were really true.

“Tales are true and truth is only a tale.” (Master Hoppan)

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South Sudan - Red Sea

Expedition for the pleasure seeker, the curious and for old salts!

Let us look a bit further South in Sudan… they say it is worth your while! So, we have decided to cruise around for a couple of weeks. The 5* Andromeda’s first Deep South diving safari in the Sudanese Red Sea will be in June this year.

We will map out the whole Deep South area for you beforehand, so when you arrive, we will be able to show you only the best sites in the region! Read more about our expedition in the Sudanese Red Sea…

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The Sudanese Red Sea – In Unknown Waters down to Eritrea!

We are greeted by scorching heat in Port Sudan/Red Sea. Followed by our safe landing, we are already sitting in mini buses and we are on our way to the Port Sudan marina to our liveaboard. Most of the group are first-timers to Sudan, while this is my ninth adventure to Sudan and the fourth in this region. Still, I am just as elated as anyone else. It does not take long to get to our liveaboard Andromeda. We have a few bites to eat, unpack, set up our diving gear and we are off to sleep. READ MORE about scuba diving the sudanese Red Sea!

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SUDAN – Deep South diving safari

The 2-week Deep South safari tour is perfect for those who have already been to Sudan and wish to see even more and for those who would like to be part of a true adventure.

This is a unique liveaboard itinerary, sailing all the way South to Dahrait Abid, close to the Eritrean border and including such sites as Masamirit, Barra Mussa Kebir, Keary, Pender, Logan and Protector Reefs, Shaab Ambar and Umbria, among others. The untouched and barely discovered sites hide marvellous marine life and tremendous sharks galore. READ MORE about deep south diving safari in Sudan!

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The time has come in our company’s life when we can celebrate a milestone! A lot has changed since the beginnings… Red Sea Boats Holidays started its journey down a path in the first years of the 2000s as the vision of a young and relentless small team, that we believe it is still journeying on.

It all started in 2003 with an Egyptian diving tour… Read more about Red Sea Boats Holidays...


Fall season trends

This fall (as we have written several times on our Facebook page) 6-7 longimanus were swimming week after week at Elphinstone. They were circling above divers as good herding dogs would, they were breathing down divers’ necks even at the deco stops. Read more….


The Red Sea in summer

I am surrounded by sparkling sky-blue sea, softly caressing breeze, infinite tranquility and serene silence as I am sitting in front of the captain’s bridge. Meanwhile the large boat glides from one coral reef to another and I can hardly wait to dive! Until now I have been travelling to the Red Sea for safaris only in the spring and late fall when you could already use a sweater between dives and sometimes a hat too to warm your ears. But to enjoy the richest spectacle, I used to prefer these two periods. Read more…


Diver pharmacy

All divers who care about themselves prepare for any possible inconveniences or illnesses that may occur during diving safaris. When you are prepared, you can remedy most situations right away. Otherwise it could take hours before receiving the appropriate medication or treatment.

A slight ear or paranasal sinus infection can destroy your diving experience especially when far from land or while on a diving safari. With proper preparation, ear problems can be avoided or alleviated. Always have with you ear and nose drops, cotton balls and a knitted cap to keep the ears warm.

They say every first-timer to Egypt must go through the curse of the pharaoh, aka diarrhea. There are a couple of medications in Egypt that can help prevent this occurrence. We prefer Antinal which is a miracle pill and it can be taken beforehand as a preventative treatment. The price is about EGP5 / box.

You should be careful when in the sun in Egypt whether on the beach or on diving safaris. Make sure to bring with you tanning lotion with high SPF (minimum 30) and lip balm to avoid any sun burns and cracked lips.

Because of the constant winds in the Red Sea, your inner thermometer may be off sometimes. You may not feel the weather as hot as it actually is. If you drink less water than what evaporates from your body, you can get easily dehydrated. Always keep with you some electrolytes and essential minerals.

Seasickness can be quite uncomfortable during a diving safari. But you can do something about it!

The Dramenex tablets help you avoid getting seasick effectively. It is important to take a tablet before boarding the boat and the pills should be taken regularly afterwards. The recommended dosage for adults is 1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day.

For any injuries in the sea or out, you should have on hand Betadine and Calcium tablets. Vinegar and hot water is available everywhere. But to be sure, do not touch anything under the water!

A few more things that could be handy in your medical kit: pain killers, Fenistil, plasters, bandages, scissors. There are pre-arranged first-aid kits specifically for divers such as DAN’s, for example.

The above are not on doctor’s recommendations but rather based on our 10-year diving experience. In case serious problems arise during the safari, turn to the dive guides and a doctor immediately!

Photos by Daniel Selmeczi

To sunbathe or not to sunbathe?

Our body and soul both crave sunshine, enriching us with life and helping us protect our health. In summertime we are all drawn to beaches, outdoor programs and distant hot destinations like magnets.

In Egypt we must be aware of the scorching sun throughout the year, on the beaches and during diving safaris.

In order to enjoy the sun’s benefits with no worries, it is recommended to take the following advice:

1. Introduce your skin to the sun gradually.

2. Load up on beta carotene, eat lots of carrots and spinach.

3. Slather yourself with tanning lotion at least 30 minutes before going in the sun. This will be enough time for the lotion to be absorbed into your skin and it will not come off that easily in the water. However it is a good idea to apply the lotion again after you have been in the water. Use tanning lotion with minimum SPF 20.

4. Do not wear parfumes or other cosmetics as they may cause skin problems if combined with the effects of the sun.

5. Avoid being in the sun between 11 o’clock in the morning and 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Do not stay in the sun without any head protection for longer than 15-20 minutes at a time.

6. And finally, drink plenty of water to replenish the fluids you may have lost.

It is a strange paradox that while our skin needs the sun, the rays can also be very dangerous.

But if you follow the advice above, you should not be worried. Be smart in the sun and you will be fine.

Photos: Red Sea Boats Holidays

PS: Have a dermatologist check your skin every year for any changes!