Highly excellent organization

Got this report from our Russian partner tour organizer:

…I sincerely thank you for organizing the trip. Also extend thanks to each of our visitors to you and all who in any degree in organizing the tour.

I have collected feedback from the tourists and now we give them and their opinion about a trip to you:


The highly excellent organization!

- “The Cairo package”

- Meet and transfer

- Boat: service, conditions of accommodation, cabins, cleanliness and convenience.

- Comprehensive help from a team on the boat, and attention.

- Job Captain: all transitions quickly and quietly for tourists, always a comfortable place boat in relation to the dive sites.

- Very tasty and varied diet

- Diving: excellent job guides (briefing note to the group under water), the work of the zodiac

- Individually would like to mention your job, Anita!


Definitely would recommend your company to conduct safaris in the Sudan as an example of organizing diving trips.

Once again, thank you for the excellent Safari!“

Safe and well back

We are safe and well back from safari. Everything was fine. Ahmed was one of the best dive guides we have had. (Don´t let him go!). The food was good and the buses on time. Nothing to complain!

The whole group sends their regards and thanks to you. In future I will contact you regarding our next safari.

Kind regards,
26 FinDivers

Best time on Andromeda

Me and my girlfriend had the best time on Andromeda. The boat is huge, cabins are the biggest I have ever seen on any liveaboard. Food was great, what surprised me the most was very healthy style of cooking from the chef. There were always at least 6 or 7 vegetable dishes or various salads. Diving was great, we had great intinerary for our north tour. I loved that we did 4 dives on Thistlegorm, including a nigh dive and very early morning dive, when our group was the only one in the water at that time! I will sure return to Andromda very soon.

Gregor Butala
PADI MSDT #938480

Clients loved it

Written by our Portugal partner tour organiser:

“Clients LOVED IT!!

Andromeda Boat (check the boat!)

  • Excellent outside areas
  • Water pressure and temperature on the showers was the ideal one


  • Excellent divemasters
  • Great dives, the divemasters were helpful and really nice buddies
  • Very thoughtful crew
  • Nice food, enough quantity for everyone and anytime someone requested for something, if possible it was provided

Andromeda crew

From Japan

We got back our home the day before yesterday. Thanks to you, we really enjoyed the trip for Sudan. Superb liveaboard, great crews, great captain, great dive guides, great divesites, beautiful corals, amazing visibility and all of stars in the Red Sea. We won’t be able to forget the trip forever.

When we decided to go to Red Sea, we definitely will choose your travel agency.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
Yukie & Hiroki
(Japanese guests)

One of the best

As you know we did come back yesterday afternoon, and we both Mr. Albert Abós and myself were decided to contact you in orther to tell you that the whole of the trip was PERFECT, and in particular I want to emphasis the efficiency of your agent in Cairo, who came to assistance us in the arrival as well us the departure to Port Sudan. Also your agent in Port Sudan was very efficient with all the papers visa and so on…

Mohammed SanadAbout the Cassiopeia, I must say that all the crew was very nice and they were very helful, the food was good, and is important to remark the person of the Dive Master Mr. Mohamed Sanad (on the pic), excellent professional and personally a very nice person.

So as you see, Yassin this is has been an excellent Diving Aboard Safari,( Including the diving !!!) and all together with   the excellent service it has been one of the best that I have done. So that means that for future occasions we shall get in contact with you.

I have not any inconvenient in using this report for yours references, and I should like you to inform to your agent in Cairo ann Port Sudan, as well as the Cassiopeia company.

Best regards

José Luis Soria (Spanish tour operator)

Quick note (Sudan)

Mohammed Sanad

Just a quick note to thank you for organising the Sudan trip. It
was unbelievably well run – from the moment that we arrived until we left.

Please could you pass on my thanks and congratulations to the operating
company – the group that we were with was very well-travelled and all of us
agreed that it was the friendliest and most helpful crew we had ever had.

Mohammed Sanad (on the picture), the chief guide was absolutely superb. His natural authority
and sense of humour made the trip. I would say without hesitation that he is
the best guide I have ever had the pleasure of diving with. I would
appreciate it if his bosses knew what a treasure they have there.

Fiona (Photographer and journalist from South Africa)

Straight from Russia

Many thanks for those unforgettable days, which we have spend onboard Cassiopeia. 
Also I thank you and your team for professional work and the help in the organization of this safari. Special warm wishes for all, who worked on boat.
 It was pleasant to us to communicate and sadly to leave with our Hungarian friends and if it is possible, please send them our best regards.
 Once again many thanks and I hope for the further cooperation.