Reporting from Sudan 3.

The underwater world in Sudan this past week was full of excitement and adventure, to say the least! There were plenty to see and lots of surprises! The weather was also co-operating this week and we were able to adhere to our original itinerary. The guests arrived onboard at 4:30 Saturday morning and after getting all unpacked and settled, we were getting ready to start our trip.

Tour date: March 24-31, 2012
Itinerary: Sudan-North
Air temperature: 26-28C
Water temperature: 24C
Visibility: 20-30m

Check dive was at the usual Shaab Suedi site, thankfully in calm waters. Taking advantage of the great weather, we were off to Gota Shambaia after the dive, to get closer to the dive sites further North. The second dive was in the afternoon at Shambaia. On the way there a live dolphin show caught the attention of the divers which you can see in the video here.

The following morning we started at Angarosh where, to our delight, we met up with 10-15 hammerheads and a school of grey reef sharks right away. After the second dive, the following dive in the afternoon and the night dive was at Merlo Reef where we were able to marvel in the grey reef sharks hunting in the area.

On the third day at Angarosh we ran into hammerheads again then at Qita el Banna we met a manta as well. Our dive at Precontinent was at dusk.

Shaab Rumi’s South plateau provided the site for our next dive on the fourth day early in the morning where again about 20 hammerheads welcomed the group. During the second dive 20 grey reef sharks and of course, the hammerheads were circling around us. Night dive was at Precontinent.

On the fifth day we saw the usual hammerhead clan on the South plateau of Shaab Rumi then we did 2 dives at Sanganeb. This time instead of sharks we swam with schools of barracuda and jackfish so large that they made up for the lack of sharks. At the end of the day, the night dive was at the wreck of Umbria.

The final 2 dives on the sixth day were at Umbria which was again breathtaking!

The attached video is a testament to all the great things we saw this week! We have had a fantastic week and every dive has brought us unexpected surprises. The smile has remained on the faces of the group throughout the week.

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