Reporting from Sudan

This season we are keeping a safari log about every diving safari onboard M/Y Andromeda in Sudan. We will tell you what we saw, where we went and all kids of interesting information to get your Mondays started and to give you a chance to read our stories and to marvel in the gorgeous underwater photos.

Here is our first week’s report:

M/Y Andromeda arrived in Port Sudan in the beginning of March. She did not have to wait too long in the harbour as within three days the first diving group arrived from Cairo and the boat had been filled with life again. And a few hours later, she departed for her first voyage towards Shaab Suedi, the usual spot for our check dives.

There were a couple more dives in the afternoon and at night at Gurna Reef which is a quiet, quaint reef, a perfect start to the promisingly exciting Shaab Rumi where the group descended the following morning.

Shaab Rumi did not disappoint, as usual. Sizeable grey reef sharks added to the excitement of every dive and in the early mornings the hammerheads also showed up. The only thing missing was the humphead parrotfish but the “big fish” made of for it. The afternoon and night dives were at the Precontinent – Cousteau’s famous underwater headquarters.

On the third day we headed for Sanganeb – which now we can say – was the most beautiful dive of the first safari tour!

The Sanganeb South plateau is a completely healthy and splendidly colourful reef. The dives were made unforgettable by schools of jackfish, barracudas and reef sharks. Seeing them 1-2 metre close was an amazing sight! Right after the dive the boat continued South in the direction of Shaab Anbar. The night was spent in the lagoon and a dive at dusk was the warm-up for the adventure-filled day that followed. Dives were at the north-eastern side of the reef and in the end, divers were even witnesses to a turtle couple fighting which was so engaging that they even forgot to take pictures of the whole event. J

After sunrise it was time for the Jumna reef, two dives, both with hammerheads. On the first dive there were only a few of them but on the second dive – everybody was blown away! An actual hammerhead curtain with at least 50 sharks passed right before the divers…

Too quickly but the week was coming to an end the direction was the harbour. The last night dive and the last two daily dives were at Umbria. Luckily Andromeda was the only boat at the wreck, so divers were able to discover her every corner undisturbed.

This is it for now from the first week. To be continued…

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