My favourite dive sites

My favourite dive sites where I would travel again

I have travelled to many places and dived in various seas and oceans of the world in the past ten years. I got to thinking during the last minutes of a fantastic dive on my latest trip about the most memorable dives and most lasting experiences of my life.

The sites and countries began to run through my head: Costa Rica, Egypt, Sudan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa and lots of other unique and fascinating locations. I am frequently asked during conversations where it is best to dive or what the best dive site are but I have never been able to fully answer these questions as each place is different.

In general, every minute spent under water amazes and fascinates me. I am taken aback by the silence and beauty of the sea. Every dive is made up of the spectacle of various marine life and undescribable shapes and colours, you just have to watch and wait and the sea will show itself. I could mention any visibility or a sandy, muddy slope seemingly devoid of life where after a few minutes of careful observation, millions of eyes would stare from the sand at the trained eye and suddenly, the dive site often described as dull, would come to life.

I always think of the divers who constantly want to dive at new places. They just keep swimming as if wanting to overcome a great distance, only to complain at the end of the dive of not having seen anything when in actuality, they could have been witnesses to a biodiversity not found anywhere on land. Sometimes I also just swim around and watch and only in the last minutes of the dive would a wonder present itself to me that I have never seen and this is what makes every dive exciting.

So, based on this, I cannot really make any order of preference since any of the sites could be the best or the most interesting. I would rather it is a kind of a log book of the most memorable moments in the past ten years:

The best dive sites ever:

Costa Rica, Cocos: Alcyon

Malaysia, Sipadan: Barracuda point

French Polynesia, Fakarava: South pass

Sudan, Shaab Rumi: South plateau

Indonesia, Raja Ampat: Manta point

Bahamas: Tiger beach

Egypt: Elphinstone

Photographed and written by Daniel Selmeczi

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