Best Summer Deals in Egypt

Let us pamper you this Summer! We offer some super value deals and varied routes in Egypt. We have selected for You some dates to choose from.

Get wet…sleep, eat, dive…and RELAX! Now offering at an unbeatable price!

Our Best Summer Deals for you in Egypt:

1. 22 – 29 May, 2011
M/Y Cassiopeia
Route: St. John’s and Abu Fendera

2. 5 – 12 June, 2011
M/Y Cassiopeia
Route: North Diving Safari

3. 10 – 17 August, 2011
M/Y Andromeda
Route: St. John’s and Abu Fendera

4. 28 September – 05 October, 2011
M/Y Andromeda
Route: Brother’s Island

We hope to see you there! For any further details or with your booking requests, please contact us. Thank you very much.

That it is for know… join your dives!

Until next time happy bubbles és safe travels!

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