What a diver can only dream of

The first guests arrived on Sunday from Andromeda in Sudan. The trip’s departure was up in the air for a while because of the disturbances in Cairo but a week before the start of the trip most countries resumed their commercial flights to Egypt and later the charter flights as well. Kata Loranth wrote about the trip and the diving safari:

We arrived from the Sudan safari with unforgettable memories! Already on the first day a huge manta swam right towards us then Shaab Rumi awaited us with hammerhead and grey reef sharks and jolly dolphin gangs. All that a diver can dream of was there, right before us.

It seems the Red Sea showed its appreciation for us having made the trip despite all the scary stories. Andromeda is the nicest and most comfortable boat, it is a fact. It is enough just to look around in the harbour and there is no more doubt about this. Mustafa, the cook, is a gem and the crew is very helpful and friendly. It was good to have more zodiacs, so we did not have to wait for one another at the dives.

We could not help it, we had to see the pyramids in Cairo the umpteenth time and we even took a ride around Tahrir square. The good old city is back to as it used to be!

Our Egypt Air flight left and arrived right on time and nobody had any problems with their luggage either. It was an adventurous and lovely week. It would have been a great pity to miss it. For sure I will return.

Kata Loranth

March 8, 2011

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