Exploring the Red Sea

Exploring the Red Sea has been waiting patiently on my “To Dive” list until recently, when it was finally time to live out that dream. I wanted to experience the Red Sea, but without the crowd. Therefore Sudan was the only logical choice.

We decided to start our trip in Cairo with the must see tourist attractions. First, we visited the great pyramids of Giza, the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Hilaire and I decided to avoid tourists (as much as humanly possible in such a place) and hired a guide and two camels. We lucked out and were able to take amazing shots of the Sphinx and the pyramids without other people in them. Excitedly we opted to take trips to the other nearby pyramids, explored the catacombs with an archeologist and admired the wealth of the Egyptian Museum.

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  1. Florence Goletti

    Great trip! I’d like to go Egypt too! Scuba diving condition seems to be terrific!
    Which site would you define as “Must Do” ?…

  2. Szilvia Gogh

    Hands down the Umbria was my favorite in Sudan. It has so much history and mystery. Because it’s shallow depth you can spend 70 minutes and take colorful pictures. I loved the fact about Sudan (vs. Egypt) that the only boat on any given dive spot was ours.

  3. Gwyn

    Nice write up Miss Gogh
    I may try this trip soon myself looks like you had a great time.

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